Pimrumpa NOITHAMMARAJ’s Portfolio


Software – Viz Artist and Viz Virtual Studio (Corporate) and Ultimatte Keyer (Corporate)

Role – Design, correct, adjust immersive graphics of the news section, design presenting manner and camera angles of all immersive contents, and queuing and control live graphics of the show.

At ThaiRath Digital TV, I was a part of a three-person team doing and executing television graphics and immersive television graphics. We took each job as a whole, and planned together before dividing parts of graphics to be done. Then the team and director integrated altogether and arranged to film the sequence with a presenter. The content is aired as a special coverage or a news scoop of the Station news section. ThaiRath TV airs in HD Digital TV over the air and via satellite.

I cannot have the complete original works as they are corporate asset. So I can only show the completed and aired works. There are many indeed as I worked about three years. I choose these footages as my portfolio.

I choose these six pieces of news which I did in parts for various reasons.

Immersive – Khao Ang Rue Nai Elephant Sanctuary/Quarantine – minute 00.19 – 2.47

This one is chosen as it is one of the few pieces that using graphics in foreground of the presenter, on the table. It is on the table in front of the presenter to point and explain them out, while they are over the general graphic background.

Immersive – Two Biggest Dams have lowest reserve in 22 years – Minute 00.30 – 06.10

Immersive – Natural Disaster Watch – Asteroids  – the whole piece

This piece is chosen as it showed the Virtual Camera Fly technique as a part demonstration of water reserve volume analysis demonstrated as visualized infographic. With this VCF technique, it demonstrates our ability to recreate a sizable area to convince audiences or demonstrate the true nature of the sizes.

Immersive – SCB fire – minute 00.23 – 01.38

Immersive – Charlie Hebdo Attack – whole piece 2.49 minutes

These two pieces, SCB fire and Charlie Hebdo attack, are chosen to demonstrate the totally created graphic of total environments as presenters can walk through to show them. It is because the original scenes cannot be accessed and to avoid violent image of the real scene.

Immersive – Escalator – Safety Guide – minute 00.32 – 06.22

Immersive – The True Cost of Paddy Rice – minute 00.09 – 02.27

These two pieces are a good show case of total reconstruction of background as a infographics where a presenter can interact with it. Escalator piece shows the created graphics on uneven green screen allowing a present to jump into a hole where Paddy Rice piece allowing graphics to flow around a presenter allowing him to interact so.

Immersive – Purple Line underground train test run – minute 0.13 – 1.55

Immersive – US Election Result – minute 01.55 – 05.40

These last two pieces show the regular news section using emerging immersive graphics in regular news reporting. They are aimed to help create a better reporting with visual aids of a stunning effect.


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